As of this next 2013 season, we will be focusing on sharing our multiple season survivor Breeding Companions,


 We promote diversified genetics for bees to establish a hearty overall health network. As a hive organism, sister and subsister families with diverse genetic stories are better able to fluctuate and accomodate Mother Nature’s dynamic manifestations. By selecting from our oldest hives, Father Time has tested their endurance. Only those that have withstood the dynamic interface of Mother Nature over several seasons have proven themselves to share their seeds.

As seeds, the bees contain the memories, or rather, the genetic stories from which to pull their capabiltiies forward when presented with certain environmental scenarios. It is up to us as their stewards, to maintain our obesrvations, and to select and share those bees who demonstrate themselves positively time and again. Conscientious management and reverence for our winged angels of agriculture can assist in curbing their toxic and taxed circumstances.

We will still be offering some production queens but our cream of the crop no less than 2 year old Mother and Father Breeders will be saturing isolated mountain pockets to capture our prize survivor genetics for sharing with beekeepers wanting to develop and add to their existing stock.

The term “Breeder Companion” was chosen to highlight the very nature of survivor stock integration into apiaries. They serve to accompany other stock lines and to promote diversified genetics. Our lines of bees are all rather diverse as we test and incorporate new stock every year and induct only those that overwinter through two winters successfully while remaining healthy, productive, gentle and hygienic. Selecting for longevity serves as the umbrella trait and it is indeed heritable.

Newer research highlights how DNA is affected by nutrition and environment. Nature now Nurtures. Father Time Tested/Mother Nature Approved! Visit

In January 2013, we are also launching a new website,  which will be a free site highlighting survivor stock breeding philosophies, methodologies and case studies around the nation and globe. This website seeks to serve as a one stop resource for those interested in learning about survivor stock beekeeping and queen breeding and for sharing protocol to better develop a survivor pedigree.

If you are involved in a survivor stock project and would like to share your process, send an email to