Melanie is looking forward to visiting Coloradan beekeepers at the Denver Beekeepers Association Feb. 21st meeting!

To be held at  7pm
3550 Federal
Highland Masonic Temple, Denversouth entrance

Thanks to Marygael for inviting me!

I’ll be talking about survivor stock establishment & rearing. I’ll also bee equipped with a thumbdrive full  of photos &  various mini presentations on seasonal managment techniques for both Langstroth and Top Bar hives.

Come with questions! By no means an expert, I will honestly answer to the best of my ability. After 14 years as a professional beekeeper in several countries and states, I am still very much a student to it all and I learn much! from my peers, bees and Mother Nature.

Iwill also be looking to re-ignite interest among Colorado beekeepers who are interested in establishing a local and regional survivor stock resource.

A Western SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research Education) grant proposal was submitted back in 2008 by myself and close to 3 handfuls of  Coloradan beekeepers from the western slope and the front range for the initiation of a Colorado Survivor Bee project . However,  an application glich put it out of reach for 2009 and with the high cost of fuel, I was not able to include it in our out of pocket small budget.

So….there is already interest from several CO beekeepers and looking to get more on board! The more interest and participation, the better the chance of collaborating and the sustainable permanence of any project put forth.

Learn to be Pro-Active about your bees’ genetics, health and preservation! Be a part of  the solution! The more we can work collectively, the stronger we AND our bees will be individually.    mmk