When I first decided to try to focus on bees as a career path, I didn’t anticipate ever owning or running a business, nonetheless a farm!

Eight years ago, when I convinced my partner Mark to come back to New Mexico with me, we didn’t anticipate the momentum with which we would be careening around blind corners. Neither of us has a business background and so it was with utter necessity that we looked to learn from qualified trainers and teachers. We are indeed still learning but I can declare that my initial and repeated interactions with WESST- a non-profit dedicated to providing much needed business skills training to budding entrepreneurs, has been positive and impactful.

Roseanna Perea and Bette Bradbury are indeed angels! And I thank them del fundo de mi corazon for sharing their expertise and their committment to struggling businesses owners. They have been so kind to include me on their website as a client success story.

I wouldn’t dare call myself a success, but an aspiring one! And as I age and learn, I realize just how fascinating the prospect of success is- as it would affect my family, my self- esteem, and my hopeful ambitions to better serve bee stewards and our community at large. I truly value WESST and their staff for their hard work in helping me, and my small farm, create a space and place for promoting our much needed and beloved pollinators!



Thank you WESST! Thank you Bette & Roseanna! Without you, I would still be figuring out what the heck to do with myself! 🙂