I really appreciated the attendance this past Labor Day weekend at the Marin County Beekeepers meeting and the Intro to Beekeeping and Queenrearing workshops. It was  wonderful to meet many of you in person and to share. I’d like to thank Draper Farms of San Anselmo for sharing their exquisite CSA farm and bees with us for the workshops! What a beautiful spot for bees and farming- right near San Fran!

For pics on the workshop visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/43606225@N00/sets/72157624764123867/

ZQB will be sending out our own survey for those who purchased Porterville, CA Survivor stock nucs this past spring. This experimental pilot project has yielded interesting information and experiences from all those involved. It is a difficult yet very noble effort for those who wish to continue to develop and establish a quality, regional resource for their bees and honeybee stewardship.  We look forward to collaborating with various communities and in helping them to establish their own survivor stock program.