Spring can be a tricky time of year, which is all the more reason to get out and mingle with other farmers before you’re too busy in your garden and your bees are swarming all over 🙂

We actually had thunder snow the other evening, which was tres cool to watch. Mark and I were returning from the valley after checking on our 3 year old breeders- and boy are we pleased with them. I will post pics soon because they were oh so lovely, great brood patterns and drones emerging….so we will start grafting April 10th!

This weekend, the Taos County Economic Development Corporation will be holding their annual Rancher & Producers Forum highlighting acequia and diversified farming and ranching developments and programs. They will have tours of their mobile matanza unit and also workshops on a variety of themes. Also included is a market and informational booths and a tour of their beautiful certified community kitchen which will offer some yummy foods for attendees.

I’ll be conducting an overview of beekeeping in northern NM and at high altitudes from 3:30-5pm on Saturday April 5th at this event. I am indeed looking forward to it.

Gas stipends are provided on a first come first serve basis, so no excuses….come up to Taos for the fresh high desert air, and perhaps we’ll get a little thunder snow storm to really kick in the beginning of spring!

More info at www.tcedc.org  and also on PDF -Spring 2013 Rancher-Producer Spring Market Program (flyer link)

Hoping for a bountiful spring bloom….