Join us this spring and summer for our Taos Charm School for Beekeepers. Classes are open for those interested in taking the whole series or just individual workshops.

Classes will take place in El Prado- on the north side of Taos.


 TAOS CHARM SCHOOL FOR BEEKEEPERS (Series or Individual workshops)

Topics will include discussion & field practicum on both horizontal & vertical hive designs.


May 17, 2014 The SuperOrganism: The Basics of Getting Started with Honeybees Seasonal Cycle overview, Equipment Designs and Styles, Terminology, Biology, Castes & Life cycle of the Bees Review of area plant index/forage availability, neighborly beekeeping etiquette, and review of the NM Bee Law & Act.


June 15, 2014 Bees as our Teachers: Hive Revisions, Learn approach, handling and learning non-invasive techniques for assessing hive health productivity and needs. Learn how to split and fuse hives and recognizing ailments and finding natural therapeutic solutions. Also includes discussion of alternative/native pollinator integration and promotion.


July 12, 2014  The Rhythm & Beat of the Hive: Queens, Drones & their core importance to hive behavior and management. How to determine if and when to requeen a hive and successful steps for helping your hive rear their own queen, questions to ask when looking to buy healthy queens, & queen care and introduction.


August 16, 2014 Harvesting Hive Products, Making & Marketing Value-added Apiceuticals: Learn how to harvest honey, wax, pollen, propolis, and even royal jelly! Learn to make balms, candles and unique beeswax arts, and medicinal tinctures, including mead- honey wine with love from the bees.


September 13, 2014 Heavenly Hives: Preparing hives for Overwintering & Sustainable Pollinator Planning. Essential tasks for determining health and wellness of the hive superorganism and proactive measures to support successful overwintering at high altitudes. Develop plans/goals for subsequent seasons as you evolve your beekeeping and become an enlightened pollinator steward.


Series & individual workshop cost will be posted shortly.

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