Due to inflated fuel costs among other increased costs, we are having to recuperate more to cover the cost of our production process. Since we are dedicated to promoting and producing quality queens, not simply quantity, our costs for such are on the rise. By allowing our queens an extended mating nuc period, we get less rounds, but higher quality queens. Our summer mating yards are all located in isolated mountain valley and meadow pockets ensuring  drone saturation of our survivor stock  genetics dissemination.

2012 Summer Mated Queens are $35/each (marking included free of charge)

Shipping via Express mail unless you are located in state (NM) or in a neighboring state so as to avoid any delays in transit and being affected by the high heat. We are also recommending that all packages shipped be held @ the Post Office for pick up so as to keep queens in a climate controlled environment until installation. Express shipping begins at $20 flat rate (more for larger orders) and Priority runs $7.

We appreciate everyone’s support. We are focusing the remainder of  this season on recuperating our own numbers and on getting the last of our mating nucs stocked so that they can go into winter and be able to offer overwintered/tested Enchanted Empress Breeding Companions next spring.

We are revamping what we can offer so as to accomodate our much needed and deserved family time. Our small children have invested much of their time in observing mommy and daddy work. We all deserve a little variety 🙂

So- this is a preview of what’s to come next season:

 Overwintered/Tested Enchanted Empress Breeding Companions. $200

Fresh Season Mountain  Mated Untested Production Breeding Companions $75

Spring Langstroth nucs (and maybe some top bars, but not sure).  $185

These prices may change but this is what we are anticipating.

We will begin taking reservations for EE Breeding Companions this winter.

We will begin taking reservations for fresh season queens and nucs after MLK weekend in late January.

Thanks and Happy Beekeeping!