What torrential rains! Glad to have them though they made it difficult to cover all the topics at our Queen Rearing workshop that we held this past Saturday- July 24th at our home farm. For those of you who were able to make it, we appreciate it and we enjoyed it- immensely!

We will be offering a rainy-day make over class to cover mating nucs, catching/harvesting of queens and bee beards!

We’ll┬ápost the make up date shortly! Thinking when the grafted cells are slated to be ready-which is in about ten days! Call for details.

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for returning this past Tuesday to pick up your cells and for the conclusion to dun….dun….dunnnnn…..In Her Majesty’s Chambers. We wish each and everyone success with their queen rearing efforts and when you rear some good queens- let’s swap!