I am coordianting with Tina of the Buzz Club- Durango beekeepers and will be putting on a queen rearing overview presentation and field practicum this weekend. Friday evening class will be an overview of the process and cycle. Saturday morning we will meeting in a bee yard and I’ll demonstrate the process of grafting, cell-building, making nucs and harvesting and marking of queens.

From Tina @ the Buzz Club:

We are always happy to welcome people.  Our meeting Friday evening
the 21st will be at 7 PM at the Florida Baptist Church, 31296E Hwy
160, Durango.  It is on Hwy 160 west of the intersection of highway
172 on the south side of the highway, an intersection commonly known
as Elmore’s corner.  172 is the road to the airport.  Thanks,  T
My phone number is (970) 884-8190.  I am always happy to have people
call or email for more info on a meeting or the club.

Tina’s email is bee-longing@sisna.com