Queen Cells, Nucs & Equipment

All starter packages come with a:
• Fresh, well-mated Queenbee  from our collaborative breeding efforts with producers who have integrated our ZQB breeding stock into their production systems.

2018 Starter Packages Colonies


Can be installed into both vertical or horizontal hive designs.

Contact Mark at 505.929.8080

Pick Up home ZQB farm in Truchas, NM.
For spring 2018: We are offering 3# “package bees,”  which are bees & queen without comb.

Initial supplemental feeding is recommended when transferring the starter nuclei into your equipment or establishing a top bar nuc. Honeycomb is the honeybee’s biggest asset and requires adequate energy from the honeybees. Once established through proper management, starter nuclei develop into enduring, self-sufficient, productive colonies crafted by Mother Nature’s


Survivor Queenbee Cells & Virgins

Survivor Queenbee Cells are limited availability for pick up only. Virgin queens are also available for purchase and can be shipped. We will need to know at minimum two weeks in advance in order to prep and rear large quantity of cells for desired emergence date. On occasion we have some extras from our grafting rounds and can accommodate local pick-ups for small quantities. This is an interesting way to introduce new genetics that are out-crossed with your surrounding drone population. Contact us for pricing and shipping options.

CELL PRICING – for shipments via UPS Overnight (minimum 15 cells)
1-25 $18/each
26-100 $15/each
100+ $12/each

We prefer to ship virgin queens as postal carriers are not always so gentle with cells. Virgin queens are shipped 1-2 days after emergence; once their exoskeletons have hardened and they are accompanied by attendants. Splits or Nucs should be prepared ahead of time (dequeened) and ready to receive virgins  upon arrival. Once installed, they should be left alone for at least 3 weeks (preferred) to ensure successful mating and establishing of laying posture.

We use JzBz cell cups and cages. Timing of cell pick-up must not be too early  as damage of wings could occur (no good having virgins that can’t fly to mate). Incubation should remain at 90+ degrees. Excessive chilling will delay emergence and can adversely affect virgin development. Too high heat and cells will mature faster with earlier emergence time. Beware of cells hatching early as first virgins out will attack the other cells.

Virgin shipping methods involve overnight and insist upon immediate installation of cells into nucs regardless of weather.