Pollination Services

We provide much needed pollination services in areas suitable for mating and foraging. Our honeybees assist in the pollination of various vegetables and stone fruits: berries, apples, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, wild currant, alfalfa, cotton, chilies, melons and more. Please call us to schedule a consultation. Most crops recommend at minimum 2 hives per acre for effective pollination.

Please contact us or call for availability and pricing of pollination services.

No pollination is as bad as frost! Good pollination yields enhanced produce shape, naturally viable seeds for future germination as well as efficient growing/harvesting standards, sustainability and profitability. Check with your local County/State Extension Agent for recommendations.

We encourage the discontinuation of industrial monoculture and promote diversified native, niche and organic sustainable farming practices. By revitalizing our landscapes and giving back what we take out, we not only perpetuate the continuation of bloom to fruit but also quality nourishment for beneficial pollinators and ultimately ourselves.