Amy Levek, from Telluride Colorado- came out to visit us 3 years ago when we were living in Dixon, NM. She was working on a documentary on beekeepers and CCD. She interviewed us then on our thoughts on the matter. 

This short film is compiled from footage that Amy began gathering in 2007. This short film aired at the 2010 Mountainfilm  Festival in Telluride. We wish her the best of luck in finding funding and outlets for her work.

We have and still are resisting the call to California for almond pollination.  While the monetary gain is sorely needed and would be very useful at this time in our season, we can’t help but ask ourselves how can we knowingly send our bees “into the war zone”? California’s Central Valley is an eden of cultivars. Yet these cultivars are compromised by avid chemical war-fare: routine application of fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides. These applications mix into toxic cocktails that are absorbed by our bees in their diet and in their home infrastructure- honeycomb. Our bees’ health reflects on our stewardship practices. We can only hope that more growers will recognize and put into effect sustainable practices- for the health of our land, water, air and for all living things on this planet Earth, which we all call home.

MMK- We give thanks to our bees and to our blessed Mother Earth now during this season of harvest and through all seasons.