A couple of weeks ago I participated in Pecha Kucha Taos with  a presentation on our farm at the Penasco Theatre. It is online and available for viewing.

The Pecha Kucha format originated in Japan and is composed of 20 slides, 20 sec/slide. This was a very interesting format as it forced me to keep to the basics, no tangents while remaining fluid in presenting.

I really enjoyed participating. As a Johnnie, I recall reading Kierkegaard who I believe said that one should force oneself to do things they would rather not in order to become comfortable with the uncomfortable… 

 I chose to participate after prompting from my sister who helped me put the slide show together. Sharing what we do and how we do it is something that we could talk about for hours, however, folks’ eyes tend to glaze over and become overwhelmed. So- this was my effort to train myself to discuss our farm system with a broader non-beekeeping audience, so it isn’t too technical. We continue to maintain our practices as integral aspects to our surrounding communities.

http://vimeo.com/user5939757 for full Penasco Line-Up of Pecha Kucha Taos Volume 7 presentations also visit www.pecha-kucha.org

http://vimeo.com/46762565 My presentation on Zia Queenbee Co.