What a gorgeous day- snow falling on the mountains and the golden leaved cottonwood trees and aspens twinkling!

This Saturday and Sunday is the 30th Annual Dixon Studio Art Tour! Many local artists and artesans will be opening their home studios and displaying their work and wares. From ceramics to woodworking, paintings and sculptures to vino- there is nothing like the community of Dixon!

We will bee there mingling and selling our Pure & Raw varietal NM honeys in liquid, comb, and chrystallized chunk form. All of our honeys are from our own bees here in the southern Rockies.

We are also offering Melanie’s exquisite NM beeswax jewlery- that’s right, earrings and pendants made from pure beeswax!

We also have beeswax based balms for lips, body and boo-boos.
We have propolis tincture and beeswax ornaments and bee photo greeting cards!

We are located in the elementary school cafeteria which has been transformed into the Dixon Mercado (site K).
The elementary school is located right across from the post office in the elementary school cafeteria and near the Dixon Co-op.

From Santa Fe/Espanola- head north of Hwy 68 and then take a right onto Hwy 75 towards Dixon.

From Taos- take Hwy 68 south and take a left onto Hwy 75.