The New Mexico Beekeepers Association presents their 2010 Summer Seminar: NECTAR FOR YOUR NOGGIN’ featuring RANDY OLIVER of, Saturday- August 28th in Santa Fe! With local presentations from Top Bar and Langstroth beekeepers: Tomas Urrea (Albuquerque) and Steve Wall of Buckin’ Bee (Santa Fe). Tomas will be sharing video footage from his 40+ top bar hives and Steve will be sharing candlemaking techniques! Randy will share presentations on Nosema, Varroa, CCD and New Paradigms for all styles and experience levels of bee stewards. Check out flyer…..

nmbka 2010 summer seminar flyer

Randy Oliver Bio:   

Randy Oliver owns and operates a small commercial beekeeping enterprise in the foothills of Grass Valley in Northern California. He manages about 500+ colonies for migratory pollination, and produces queens, nucs, and honey.  He has 40 years of practical beekeeping experience, plus holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biological Sciences.  Randy researches, analyzes, and digests beekeeping information from all over the world in order to not only broaden his own depth of understanding and knowledge, but to develop practical solutions to many of today’s beekeeping problems, which he then shares with other beekeepers through his various articles in bee magazines, his speaking engagements worldwide, and on his website:

Randy has had the opportunity to visit beekeepers around the nation and world! Here is an excerpt from one of his speaking engagements on the east coast:

From the Rhode Island Beekeepers:

Open any issue of American Bee Journal and you’ll be sure to find articles written by Randy about scientific beekeeping.  Randy’s practical adventures and often light hearted writings explore the topics that perplex us the most.  Do natural methods work to control mites?  What is good bee nutrition?  Are essential oils effective?  Can one apply methods practically for two or five hives? How about 25 hives? Or for 100 or more hives?

 Don’t miss this entertaining and informative speaker.  Randy practices what he preaches!  He operates an apiary in California offering pollination services and all of the products we normally produce ourselves.  He deals with the same problems that we do day-in and day-out.  Come and learn from this science-minded practical expert who puts natural practices within our reach.

WHEN: Saturday, August 28th, 2010   10am-5pm

WHERE: Church of Christ 1205 Galisteo- Santa Fe, NM

COST: $20 NMBKA members & $30 non-members

ATTENTION: folks are invited to send in questions for Randy’s review by Aug.20th to

ALSO!!!! If there is enough interest, a hands-on workshop led by Randy Oliver is scheduled for Sunday, Aug 29th in Santa Fe. Registration fee divided among participants. Please call Tel: 505/689-1287 to sign up! Visit .