A couple days paid work is available at the Native Bee Habitat Site in the east mountains, to complete barbed wire fencing & gate. Project will be approx 2 days scheduled sometime between Mar 13 and 20th. Experience doing fencing of this sort is desirable, but please feel free to contact Laurie Lange if you’re willing to learn and capable of a full day’s rugged outdoor work in an off-grid location.

>>>>The habitat site is an outdoor classroom in the US Fish & Wildlife’s Partners with Wildlife program, and workshops sponsored by the Bee Collaborative are held at the site. The Collaborative is dedicated to promoting habitat for bee populations via sustainable site design. A couple workshops at the Bee Habitat are scheduled for later this spring, the first to install erosion control & water harvest earthworks for future plantings.

Come learn about native bees!

To get e-notice about these workshops, email Laurie Lange at botanicarts@earthlink.net.

<<<<< To inquire about the fencing work, please call 505 . 220 . 2726. (A response to either phone call or email may take a couple days--phone is often faster). Laurie Lange the Bee Collaborative