Dear member of the Bee Collaborative community,

I thought you might like to know that we now have colorful artisan nests available 24/7 at These nests are for orchard mason bees. Prior to this month, they’ve only been available at one-time events in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, at EarthDay and Garden Party events.

Now accompanied by an instruction kit, the nests make a captivating educational project for kids of all ages, and are a great gift for gardeners. They are more colorful than ever. After several years of research they’re optimized to keep the bees healthy and cozy. The kit contains detailed instructions to help you successfully overwinter the bee cocoons indoors and to assist the bees in getting started with their nesting activities easily in the spring.

Coming soon! We are adding a commercial website to augment our non-profit work in early 2012, with pollinator plant seeds and garden supplies that support all the bees.

If you’d like an announcement of the URL when the site goes live, please send us an email reply & we’ll make sure you are notified.

Thanks for supporting our friends the bees, and BotanicArts’ and the Collaborative’s work to publicize their needs,

Laurie Lange, director
BotanicArts & the Bee Collaborative
505 . 220 . 2726