School has started! And Melanie has relocated 3/4 time to pursue graduate studies in international bee breeding at Washington State University!

Though it has been 20 years! since Melanie has been in “school” hitting the books, she has been in full time enrollment at the school of street sense. 🙂

As of this date, ZQB does not have any mated queens available EXCEPT for a small final batch of Enchanted Empress Breeder Companions. The final orders will be going out this week and if there are any left, we will open availability for first come first served orders.

For late season availability of ZQB integrated queen stock, we recommend the following queen producers:

Heitkam’s Honeybees, Tel:  (530) 865-9562

Wings of Nature Bees, Tel: 650 862 8322 Email:

Old Sol Apiaries, Tel: 541-582-2337

and the WSU Program Queens, Email:

For the 2018 bee season, we anticipate continuing our longevity-based breeder program and will again focus on sharing Enchanted Empress Breeding Stock with queen producers, researchers and for community projects.

This season, we were able to share some packages of ZQB lineage bees and ZQB mated queens in mid May. We will consider this again for 2018 but at this time, do not know what our spring schedule will be since both Melanie and Mark will be conducting research and consulting opportunities.

Should there be any questions, email us at

Merci- Thank you- Gracias