Intro to Queen Rearing Workshop

June 12, 2010 at the Seeds of Change Experimental Farm in El Guique (San Juan Pueblo), we will be offering a one day workshop on Queen honeybee rearing. This workshop is for already established beekeepers. Thematic content is rather technical and suited for those who have already been keeping bees for several seasons. This workshop will advance one’s understanding and appreciation for the reproductive cycle of the hive organism as a whole, man’s approach to complimenting management protocols within the bees’ natural cycle and for the art of queen honeybee propagation- whether for exploring one’s own hives’ genetic make-up or for those wanting to learn how to multiply their colonies.

We also plan to offer this same Intro to Queen Rearing Workshop later in the summer as well (possibly July 17th) for those interested in learning how to rear later summer/fall queens for overwintering nucs and for re-queening.

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