Happy Autumn everyone! Feeling thankful now in the giving season and in every moment that I am able to learn from my beloved bees. I recently had the opportunity to compose a slideshow that I shared at the Traditional Ag and Sustainable Living Conference that was recently held in Espanola, NM.

I wasn’t sure what to share and how to convey it as the theme was Women in Agriculture. I decided to share my attempt at trying to connect livelihood with lifestyle. As a farmer, they are one in the same which is very different than the person who heads to work in the city and then heads home and the two shall never meet.

 Of course, I cannot speak for all women in agriculture but only share my background and how it ties into a “learning” paradigm of life stages. The more experiential learning that one can encounter, the more exposure and thus interest and passion can carry one to find mentors and to develop their own philosophy. Connecting one’s own philosophy into a work/life paradigm is my existing quest.  I have a feeling it is a life long pursuit that metamorphosizes as one ages and looks to establish a satisfying spirituality that is reality based yet very much mystical.

Secret Service slide doc