Here’s a link for a lil’ brochure on our upcoming workshop for experienced beekeepers.

There are a few spaces left for June 12, 2010 Intro to Queen Rearing Workshop. Cost is $150 and includes: manual, grafting tool, cell cups, live queencells to take home & all day hands-on workshop & instruction.

Mark and I are excited to share. There are many details to queen rearing and breeding that we are still learning (and beekeeping in general). We are perpetual students to the bees, as they are our best teachers. We are aspiring breeders focusing on chemical-free management protocol. We strive to be conscientious in our methods and interactions. However, we are human and we are limited… 

Thus, it does take a community to raise bees. The more sincere bee stewards who are interested & willing to take their beekeeping skills to the next level the better. By helping to promote naturally hearty & regionally-acclimated stock, we strive to cooperate with Mother Nature to help establish a sustainable, hearty source for our bees. 

Cooperating together, we will nurture a solid paradigm for sustaining and growing our own bee supply. Our bees will benefit as well as our  individual communities & ultimately our broader American & global communities. We’re sure you’ll come away with a broader sense and appreciation for the colony organism as a whole & the “miracle” of  hive procreation. We continue to be in awe of the whole process. 😉 MMK

A one-day hands-on workshop that overviews introductory issues pertaining to rearing One’s own queenbees; including:

* Selection of breeders & establishment of gene pool

* Establishing and maintaining cell-builders

* Learning to graft appropriate larvae

* Selection and placement of drone supports

* Creation of Mating Nucs

*Establishment of mating zones/apiaries,

* Harvesting of mated queens


This is a hands-on course demonstrating each step of the process of rearing queens: From the art of graftingTo mature harvest.


Flyer:  Intro to Queen Rearing Workshop