We are going into our 9th year of bee farming together. Individually we have 17 and 14 years of  professional beekeeping experience- collectively 31 years. Bringing together our developing skills from New Mexico, Michigan, California, Florida and Hawaii, we are better prepared to share these skills with others.

Our small farm has evolved over the past 9 years.

Initially we only offered queenbees.

Then we began offering starter nucleus hives in both Langstroth and Top Bar styles.

We then began offering workshops.

And now, we are offering individual, group and private consultations with beekeepers in our NM area.

We are also offering workshops outside of NM for clubs and groups. Call or email for information. 


Though we are located off the beaten path, we can, on occasion come to you and help you discover, decipher and determine what steps of stewardship can benefit your bees.

You have the option of having Melanie or Mark or both of us come to work with you alongside your hive revisions.

Our time is indeed limited but we are setting time aside this season to help our fellow beekeepers with their  bee management concerns, issues and queries.

If you are located at a distance, there will be a moderate travel fee imposed though we will try to schedule others in your area so that travel expenditures can be split among clients.

1 hour consultation: $40/consultant

2 hour consultation: $75/consultant

1/2 day consultation: $125/consultant

For those needing longer or frequent consultations, prices can be negotiated if prepayment is made.

Call or email with your name, location (town) and times and dates of potential visits. We can then coordinate and find a time that best accommodates you, us and your bees.


Call or email to discuss available dates and cost.

Thanks- M&M


Tel: 505/929-8080

Email: ziaqueenbees@hotmail.com