Zia Queenbees is doing what we can to help support local and regional health of our communities. We are offering our pure & raw honeys, beeswax-based balms and propolis products to support human health and wellness. Send us an email or give us a call to place an order. If you are located nearby (northern NM), we will be taking orders to the Carnelian Center in Dixon, New Mexico for pick up. Pick up is also available at our bee farm in Vadito, New Mexico (on The High Road to Taos). We also make regular trips to Taos so can meet in a convenient location. And, we also ship via USPS.

We continue to add to our hive product offerings.
Bees as Seeds: Within itself, every seed has a story, formed over millennia-
with the power to nurture and adapt;
and the magnificence to create life, food, and medicine for the world.