Couldn’t resist! Our little one is becoming quite familiar with our beekeeping lives. As she is beginning to learn words- more and more apicultural terms are escaping her lips.

She knows how to say HONEY! and recognizes it in any container- of course demading a taste.

She can also say “BZZZ”, “bee” and “mama bee” (when she points to queen cages). She can even say- no exaggeration here folks- “Hive Tool” and “Propolis”!

Of course, we are astounded at her intelligence- especially coming from us goof balls 😉

Here’s a couple of pics in honor of Beekeeping Daddies and their bay-beez!

Happy Father’s Day Mark- believe it true, WE LOVE YOU! and – not one day goes by that we don’t recognize and give thanks for your being with us and caring for us in so many ways!

Helping daddy with various tasks- in the field and in the shop!

Daddy needs me to tighten the straps on this load of spring boxes.

  Caging little bay-bee queens was so easy before I became mobile!