Just wanted to thank everyone who joined us yesterday in Santa Fe for a most splendid NMBKA 2010 SUMMER SEMINAR!
Such informative and interesting presentations AND discussions- I know it will take me a few lifetimes to process it all- the learning just never stops!
Thank you to our esteemed presenters:
Tomas Urrea and Daniel Solis (what awesome video footage- can NM get a shout-out when you accept your emmy/oscar?),
Steve Wall (we want a candle mold of ZOZOBRA!),
and the oh-so adorable “Mad Scientist” Mr. Randy Oliver (and I thought I talked fast!!! Good thing I didn’t get put in “time-out” Just kidding).
On behalf of the NMBKA, I would also like to publicly thank the righteous Mistress Beek- Chantal Foster (coordinator of ABQ Beeks)
and of course our  Bee-utiful Hostess with the Most-est, Kate Whealen!!!!!!
Gracias a todos y VIVA LAS ABEJAS!!!!
Your bumble humble mumble servant-
Melanie Kirby