July 11-12, 2015: In Her Majesty’s Chambers- Intro to Queen Breeding & Rearing with Melanie Kirby & Mark Spitzig of Zia Queenbees Farm & Field Institue.

Day and a half course covers introductory concepts for selecting, breeding and rearing naturally hardy queenbees and nucleus colonies. From establishing a breeding protocol to designing a quality rearing program- this field practicum will instruct enthusiasts on the nuances of queen honeybee propagation. Hands on field sessions complement theory class sessions- from testing bees to the art of grafting and banking virgins and queens. Learn how to be a proactive steward and become empowered by the process.



Cost: $200

Includes manual, grafting tool, JzBz queen rearing supplies: cell cups, cages, rack and cell bar, live queen cells to take home, instruction and graduation bee beards.

To register, email: ziaqueenbees@hotmail.com

Tel: 505.929.8080