Exquisite Varietal Honey

All of our varietal honeys are 100% pure, raw, unfiltered and unblended – just the way Mother Nature intended. Our varietal honeys bring you the unique flavors of the Rio Grande and Southern Rocky Mountain valleys in New Mexico and of the Lake Superior shores in Michigan.

Left to right: Rio Grande Bosque Bliss, Taos Miel de Trebol,
Paz de Peñasco, Santa Fe Sol, Alma de Abiquiu

Please contact us for availability and pricing of varietal honeys and specialty products.

  • New varietals during seasonal harvest—call for updates.
  • Naturally creamed honey available.
  • High Desert NM beeswax lotion bars, salves and lip balms made with native
    and medicinal herbs.
  • Gift packs of exquisite honey in small jars for gourmet gifts, weddings
    and baby showers.
  • Private labeling offered.

Rio Grande and Southern Rocky Mountain Honeys

The diverse flora of the Rio Grande Valley from north to south, and the changing microclimates from the increasing elevation of the valley up to the mountains offer many unique honeys. Each taste is flavorful, aromatic, and spiritually enlightening!

Please contact us for availability and pricing of varietal honeys and specialty products.

  • Lagrimas de Oro (Las Cruces-Late Summer)
  • Mesquite Maravillosa (Las Cruces/Spring)
  • Valor de Vado (Vado/Summer)
  • Tortugas (Mesilla Park/Spring-Summer)
  • Rio Grande Bosque Bliss (Espanola Valley/Spring)
  • Paz de Peñasco (Santa Barbara Canyon-Sangre de Cristo Mtns/Summer)
  • Povi Picuris (Vadito, Sangre de Cristo Mtns/Summmer)
  • Dulce de Dixon (Dixon-Embudo/Spring-Summer)
  • Miel del Monte (Truchas/Summer)
  • Santa Fe Sol (Santa Fe/Summer)

Varietals vary season to season. We must first ensure that our honeybees have enough natural food stores (honey) before harvesting surplus. Because of this, our harvests are in small batches and thus in limited supply.
Visit us at the various Feasts Days around the Pueblos.
We can ship flat rate Priority with payments accepted via PayPal, check or money order.

Vintage Varietals: Rio Grande Honeys (not all available)

Please call for availability and pricing of varietal honeys and specialty products.

  • Paz de Peñasco (cream clover, natural culture)
  • Sangre de Cristo (Santa Fe River/Spring)
  • Alma de Abiquiu (Georgia O’Keefe country)
  • Rio Grande Bosque Bliss (Velarde/Spring)
  • Ambrosia del Alma (Alcalde/Fall)
  • Santa Fe Sol (Santa Fe/Summer)
  • Black Mesa Buzz (La Canova)
  • El Guique Girasol (El Guique Sunflower)
  • Trebol de Taos (9,000 foot elevation Taos)
  • Vado Valley (NM Sur)


Lake Superior Honeys

We are in the process of rebuilding our apiary numbers in the U.P. hoping to offer pure, raw,
Marquette area varietal honey soon at Marquette Food Co-op.

  • Basswood
  • Wild Berry Blossom/Great Lake Wildflower
  • Sweet Clover Comb Honey


Honey Prices

Please contact us for availability and pricing of varietal honeys and specialty products.

Lotions, Lip Balm and More

High Desert Lip Balm available in plain, citrus, and spearmint – $3/each. Made with pure NM beeswax, olive oil, and essential oils

High Desert Boo Boo Balm – $10
Made with pure NM beeswax, olive oil & essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, rose, grapefruit, rosemary, lemongrass, and lavender

High Desert Body Balm – $8
Made with pure NM beeswax,olive oil & a combination of essential oils including rose, neroli, lavender, cedar

Propolis Balm – $15

Propolis Tincture – $10

Raw Propolis – $10/oz

Beeswax taper candles – $5/each or $8/pair

Beeswax Jewelry:
made with pure NM Beeswax- keep away from direct heat
Honeycomb earrings – $25/pair

Honeycomb necklace – $15

Beeswax hex mold earrings/necklaces – $30/set

Beekeeper Photo Notecards – $4/each

In essence, we are flower chasers: following perfumed blossoms across the landscape to help our honeybees create delicious honeys.

In New Mexico, we begin our season early on the southern Rio Grande. We then diligently follow the bloom north as it shadows the Rio Grande up into northern New Mexico. Along the way, we provide much needed pollination services.

Our honeybees feast on desert wildflowers, mesquite, tamarisk, black locust, sweet clover, purple asters and sunflowers, as well as cultivated crops like alfalfa, cotton, onion, chili, melon, apple, lavender, and berries. Our varietal honeys from New Mexico are truly enchanted!

In Michigan, the abundant woods hugging Lake Superior provide ample patches of wild blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, thimbleberries, gooseberries and many delightful wildflowers. Sweet clover, golden rod and Purple Asters offer buzz stops for eager honeybees. Birch, maple, ironwood, red and white
pine, oak and basswood trees offer a canopy like no other. Our Upper Peninsula honeys are Finn-tastic!