Marygael Meister- the coordinator has put together a most awesome list of visiting presentors for this year. Their meetings are free and open to all beekeepers.

Our monthly meetings begin at 7:00 pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month in the Denver Police Station District 1 Community Room at 1311 West 46th Avenue, Denver, Colorado. There is usually a meeting designed specifically for new beekeepers at 6:30pm (prior to our regular meetings). These events are free and open to the public. Our calendar is subject to change, so please check our website for the latest updates

In addition, a number of weekend workshops are scheduled each year to give participants a hands-on opportunity to learn new beekeeping skills & techniques and visit other bee yards.

February 28Honey
Dr. Ron Fessenden, The Honey Revolution Restoring the Health of Future Generations
March 27Apitherapy
Dr. Frederique Keller,licensed acupuncturist, medical herbalist in a private practice that also incorporates classical homeopathy and bee venom therapy as well as utilizes honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee bread where applicable. I also work in a second office specializing in sports and spinal injuries.
April 24Bee Nutrition
Dr. Larry Connor
Dr. Connor is also teaching a class on April 21st…please see listing under classes
May 22Beekeeping Through a Biologist’s Eyes
Randy Oliver,
June 26Bee Mites, From the Mites’ Perspective
Ron Ochoa, Research Entomologist from the USDA, “Bee Mites, From the Mites’ Perspective”, a different look at the parasitic relationship of one of the honeybee’s biggest foes
July 24Bees in Trees
Deborah Delaney, U of Delaware on “Bees in Trees” Dr. Delaney will go over the genetics of honey bee populations in the U.S. and talk about the differences in managed and unmanaged honey bee colonies.
August 28BEE
Rose Lynn Fisher on her book, BEE Ms. Fisher will talk about her motivation and how she came to capture such vibrant photographic portraits of the honey bee.
September 25Beeconomy:
Tammy Horn; What Women and Bees Can Teach Us about Local Trade and the Global Market

October 30Dr. Jennifer Berry,Apicultural Research Coordinator and Lab Manager at the University of Georgia.
November 27BioBees
Phil Chandler