Charm School for Beekeeper series:

This 2015 season, in celebration of our 10 year farm anniversary, we’ll be offering several levels of beekeeping courses from beginning beekeeper to advanced bee charmer!

  •  Intro to Apiculture: Beginning Beekeeping 5 week course intensive and also topical workshops. Classes offered in both Santa Fe and Taos areas.

COST: $250 course instruction (class meets 1 weekend day for 4 hours for 5 consecutive weeks); $475 with locally produced Langstroth starter nucleus hive (which includes 4 combs of bees, brood, a mated survivor queen and some food stores in a reusable weather resistant transport nuc box).

Below is Santa Fe, New Mexico class info. Taos class info will be posted shortly.

20145 Santa Fe Intro to Apiculture Spring Intensive

Includes over 20 hours of course instruction (class and field) covering the honeybees’ seasonal cycle, lifecyle, biology, equipment, vertical and horizontal hive designs, seasonal management, pests & diseases, harvesting hive products y mas.

Cost: $475 (includes starter nucleus hive*)

When: Sundays starting in May.

(start date dependent upon weather conditions- may need to be adjusted accordingly).

10am-2:30pm (with 1/2 hour lunch break)

Where: Plants of the Southwest on Agua Fria in Santa Fe, NM.

Who: Mark Spitzig & Melanie Kirby- Professional Apiculturists

Students will participate in theory and field practicums learning to work with local bees, to produce local bees.

Lots of hands on sessions. We do not call ourselves experts, but rather lifelong students to the scientific artistry and the artistic science of honeybee stewardship. We hope that our small but deliberate contributions to pollinator stewardship will promote a healthy environment and healthy living for our children and future generations.

We appreciate the increased interest in beekeeping. Beekeeping is a humbling endeavor. Honeybees are full of wonderment in their nuances and enlightening industriousness. We are thankful for being able to learn from them. And for that, we are thankful to be able to share with you.

The Next Level: intermediate/advanced classes on more nuanced management and harvesting techniques. Classes start in May and will run from 3-5pm on Sundays at Plants of the Southwest in Santa Fe, NM; and in Taos (location & time TBD).

In Her Majesty’s Chambers: two day intensive on breeding and rearing survivor stock honeybees for backyard and club to professional applications.  July & August workshops offered- dates to be announced soon. Location- ZQB home farm in the beautiful mountain village of Truchas, NM on the High Road to Taos.

To register or for more information, email us at