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Please support affordable holistic health

services in Dixon when you enter to win:

Wood Cutting Board

by Rob Stout

Prayer Flags

by Judith Buffallo


by Gaia Vaishnov and Siddiq Khan

Glass Platter

by Shel Neymark

Rose Infusion & Tincture

by Kate McDonald

Chai Soap

by Wild Earth Remedies

Local Honey

by Zia Queenbees

Many other wonderful local arts and crafts

The Carnelian Center operates two food banks and provides

discounted treatments (massage, acupuncture, body work) for

community members who would not otherwise be able to afford

these health services. With your support, we are looking forward

to improving the health of many more.

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Melanie serves as the Vice President of the Carnelian Center.

She is selling raffle tickets and can be reached at 505.579.4563