healing bees

It’s that time of year again…and in celebration of this year’s upcoming Earth Day-

we are sponsoring the 5th annual Northern NM Rocky Mountain Sweet Spring Sting Pollinator Symposium featuring Dr. Valerie Solheim of HealingBees.org

Last year Dr. Solheim made a brief visit to share her foundational vibrational research on hive resonance at the Carnelian Center in Dixon.

This year, she is taking it a few steps further by conducting an immersive workshop that will include audience integration.

We will also have a bee blessing and pot luck picnic lunch at Zia Queenbees Farm & Field Institute home apiary in Truchas.

Lecture and workshop start at 10am at Penasco Theatre.
Bring a snack and camera for our midday break.
Then the workshop continues to 2pm
2pm-3:30pm head to ZQB home farm for bee blessing and pot luck picnic lunch

For more info- visit www.ziaqueenbees.com/zia and see attached flyers.2016 Sweet Spring Sting