We do indeed have our fair share of wacky weather here in the Land of Enchantment. The warming days inspire the buds to blossom and the bees are gaining momenting rearing brood…..and then we get thundersnow, and bitter cold nights descend again as the Rockies begin to melt bringing their crisp mountain air into the valleys and frosting out initial bloom. This is a real challenge for our bees and their ability to transition their needs between our day and night temperature swings is astounding. It is this challenge along with time and additional climate variables that test the bees and ultimately, determine the survivors.

The cold spells that are continuing to roll in along with the super high winds have postponed our start up by 10 days. We have been tested over the past 8 years every spring….anticipating starting and then learning the hard way that starting too early stresses the bees out immensely and adversely affects success so we wait….This season we are also starting out with less than we anticipated in hive numbers but those that did make it look superb. It is with this initial bloom that our bees are beginning to build up and rear drones. And for this season, as always, we will share what we can while also focusing on rebuilding our own numbers in order to follow the cycle again next year. This process is not only time consuming, but also requires patience, on us as stewards highly anticipating and exited for the season to get rolling, and for nature- to allow her to unfurl her pollen laden and nectar scented breezes which bring the bees nourishment and sustenance.

Anticipated first graft is now scheduled Earth Day- April 20th.
Virgin queens will be available starting April 30th if start date holds.

First rounds of mated queens are used to fill our nuc orders.  Subsequent rounds are then available for purchase.
Right now, mated queen availability is open for early July-early September.

For Breeder Queen information- contact us diretly.
Limited availability summer 2013

If you have placed an order with us and have been invoiced, and made your deposit, your reservation is confirmed. If you have ordered and not recieved an invoice, then you can anticipate receiving one once we know better just how many splits we can get started with our available hives. Once we are sure that our bees can accomodate your resquest, then we will invoice.

We will make contact with reservation holders when it is time to schedule pick up…in late May/early June.
For more information, please email us at ziaqueenbees@hotmail.com or call 505/929-8080

…..we are a very busy family with hectic schedules so please anticipate up to a week turn around time for return correspondence.