We have opened up the Nursery Log and are now taking reservations for 2021 Package and Starter Nucleus Hives. Please visit this link to submit your reservation request. Either Mark or Melanie will then contact you to confirm your order. ZQB has been providing quality queens, bees, and hive products since 2005. We wish everyone a happy and productive beekeeping experience and encourage everyone who is interested, new or seasoned, to keep informed on local, regional and national conditions and to support enhancing pollinator forage habitat. Without good nutrition, without good genetics, without good management, bees and their keepers by extension, will not perform well. We will be offering some virtual programming later this winter so stay tuned! Season’s Greetings and we wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

Respectfully- M & M & Buzz & Blossom

https://forms.gle/VFQeahrgja4HCqH36 (Link to ZQB 2021 Packages and Starter Nuclei reservation form)

Breeder hives insulated in snow!