This year we’ll be offering limited production as we begin to work on additional research and consulting projects. For more info on our new projects, see the previous post- A New Era for ZQB…

For 2017, we are offering a variety of services and products like previous seasons. However, our bee availability is reserved for established queen producers and breeders, research endeavors and community oriented service and outreach programs. We are not able to accommodate orders for the general public this year. If you are interested in packages of bees through our collaborative affiliations- we will have a limited # available. More details on availability in an upcoming post.

Pollination– Contact Melanie at 505.901.2102 or email for pricing and availability.

Starter Nuclei (only available for research and community oriented projects)- Call us at 505.929.8080 (Mark) or 505.901.2102 (Mel) or Email us at Cost is $250 Langstroth (4 frames). Limited top bar/warre dimension combs available upon request- Cost is $280 (6 combs).

Virgin Queens (available late April through September)- contact Melanie at 505.901.2102 (text for faster response) or Email. Advance reservation required (2 weeks minimum in advance). All virgin queens grafted from selected ZQB Longevity-based Breeder Pool. Each virgin queen will need to be placed in their own mating nucleus hive (split) and allowed to mate out with area drones and establish laying posture (approx. 3 weeks). This is a good way to integrate quality cross stocks. Cost: $20/virgin (shipped in JzBz cages within 3 days of emergence  to ensure exoskeleton hardiness and with attendants in each cage for prolonged viability; must be installed promptly and left uninterrupted for minimum 2 weeks).

Enchanted Empress Breeder Companions (available June-September)- contact Melanie at 505.901.2102 (text for faster response) or Email. All Breeder Companions are mated out in isolated mating apiaries in the southern Rocky Mountains. Diverse survivor drone stock saturates each mating zone giving cross stocks with diverse genetics capable of integrating into existing or developing breeding programs and rearing operations. Cost is $200/each (includes marking. Conservative clipping available upon request). Express USPS Shipping with insurance add $35.00 (up to 10 queens in same container shipped in JzBz cages with attendants).

Package Bees (limited availability- reserved for established beekeepers)- We are collaborating with a couple of queen producers and developing bee breeders in other parts of the country to produce package bees with ZQB cross-stock lineage. We don’t have any firm #s of availability yet but we’ll post that info as soon as we can. If you are interested- make contact with us and let us know for how many as we are starting a list. These packages won’t be available until late April at the earliest. Cost still to be determined; approx $200 for 3# package.

Consultation– Melanie and Mark are each available for consulting opportunities. Each is skilled in advanced beekeeping and queen breeding facilitation and manifestation. Whether looking for one person or a team to help with developing or advancing existing programs- each is capable of assisting and coaching all levels of stewards and diverse apicultural projects. Consultation fee depends on location and duties required. All travel, lodging and per diem expenses are to be assumed by inquiring parties along with consultant honorarium. For requests, please submit in writing nature of requested assistance, location, and duration by email to Follow up telephone/conferencing interviews will be scheduled prior to decision.

As always, we value all of our clients and wish everyone a healthy and prosperous bee season. We look forward to the coming years of ZQB and our individual endeavors as we continue to share the best of what we have with as many as we can.

Gracias, Thank you, Merci!