If you are looking for STARTER NUCLEI- we are officially booked for our 2016 seasonal batches.

If you are looking for queens: mated, virgin and Breeding Companions, we have availability from latter half of June-September.

2 year old breeder

For more info on our longevity based breeding testing and selection program and our rearing protocol, click on this link….zqb 2016 queen brochure flat

We are also offering royal jelly, propolis, beeswax, queen cells, pure & raw varietal honeys from our Land of Enchantment apiaries and beeswax balms, salves and arts.

ZQB product brochure 2016

Royal Jelly is offered in natural beeswax capsules that the bees draw. Each capsule is $3 and contains vitamins, and essential amino acids known to enhance health and wellness. Availability starting in April thru the year.

Queen cells are available for quantity orders only as timing is critical and shipping overnight is expensive. Queen cells are offered from diverse breeding stock for $12-14 depending on quantity starting in late April-September.

Virgin queens are available for pick up and shipping. Cost is $18-15/each depending on quantity + USPS Priority flate rate or Express shipping. Availability starting in late April-September.

Mated queens are available for $45/each (marking including). Discounts for quantity orders available. Availability June-September.

Enchanted Empress Breeding Companions are bred from our 3 and 4 year old stock and then outcrossed in our home mating yard @ 8300′ elevation in the southern Rocky Mountains with diverse survivor drone breeder stock. Breeding Companions are available for $200/each (including two-day USPS Express guaranteed shipping). Availability starting June-September.

Contact (Texting preferred- as our cellular reception in the mountains and canyons can frustrate voice conversations).

Mark at 505.929.8080 or Melanie at 505.901.2102 to place a reservation for cells, virgins or queens or to request info and pricing on our other apiceuticals. Or emailĀ  us at ziaqueenbees@hotmail.com

NOTE: Please allow a few days for a response during the spring production push (February-June).