Hey Folks, we appreciate everyone’s patience with the process and our bees are even more grateful as we’ve given them time to get established.

We will begin reviewing our initial rounds this coming week- and then make contact to schedule pick ups.

As we review nucs we look for several indicators:

Did she successfully mate?

How is her laying posture?

How are their food stores?

Are they healthy?

Are they ready to go to their new homes?

Once we determine that they are ready- we flag them and begin making contact with those who made reservations.

After filling confirmed orders, if we have extras, we will post it on this blog and also make contact with those on the wait list.

Being that it has been a rather volatile spring, we are hopeful that the girls were able to mate successfully. If our first rounds prove otherwise, no worries, we have additional batches that will be ready each week for our review.

We strive to offer and produce healthy, resilient and productive honeybees from our proven survivor stock- whose heritable traits of longevity, pest/disease resistance, gentleness and productivity have been carefully chosen and bred for for over 15 years (10 years here in the rugged topography of our enchanted lands of NM).

Please know that we adhere to a very strict rearing protocol to ensure that the bees and their queens that you procure from us are of the utmost health and demeanor. As such, we get less rounds per season; but what we do produce is of the highest quality. We also make contact with those who have placed reservations in the order that they were received to remain fair.

Also remember, when scheduling pick ups, we recommend either an early morning (by 9am) or near sundown pick up so as to capture all foragers. Nucs will be in reusable, lightweight, weather resistant, vented transport boxes for ease of relocation.

We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to continuing to serve our local, regional, national and international constitutents for another decade plus.


Melanie Kirby