field practicum

4-Saturday Field Practicum Course starts May 16 @ Tierra Drala Farm in El Prado-Taos

Taos Intensive 2015

& also offered 4-Sunday Field Practicum Course starting May 17 @ Plants of the Southwest in Agua Fria- Santa Fe

SF Intensive 2015

Course Syllabus Includes:

Honeybee Biology** Plant/Bloom Cycle** Seasonal Managemen** Hive Products & Harvesting** Overwintering** Apiary Plans & Strategizing Stewardship** Native Pollinator Integration

Courses taught by Mark Spitzig & Melanie Kirby of Zia Queenbees Farm & Field Institute, who each have been keeping bees professionally for close to 20 years.

COST: $250 (includes all 4 classes)

Add $225 for a starter Langstroth nucleus of locally bred bees (+ $30 for Top Bar or Warre custom conversions).

To Register- Email us at

or call Tel: 505.929.8080