For 2014 season, we will be offering survivor stock queen cells, virgins and Breeding Companions, Beekeeping courses, Pollination services and exquisite NM honeys and beeswax apiceuticals. 

Pollination Services in NM, please contact Mark at 505/929-8080.

Beekeeping Courses and registration information, visit Intro to Apiculture and Advanced Beekeeping courses blog posts.

*We are sold out of starter nucleus hives for 2014. Starter nucs are only available for those who register for our Intro to Apiculture: Beginning Beekeeping 5-week course intensive and for research programs.

Ripe Queen Cells and Virgin Queenbees (Un-Mated) bred from our diverse survivor stock will be made available latter half of April-September.

Cost: Queen cells $15/each (pick up only in NM); Virgin Queenbees $15/each (pick up or shipped USPS Express mail).        For quantity orders, discounts are available. 

Enchanted Empress Breeding Companions (Mated Queenbees) that have been grafted from selected 2 and 3 year old Mother Breeders and bred with selected 3 year old survivor drone breeding stock will be available starting in June- September. If you are a producer and are interested in specific base lineages, please contact us to make a reservation.

Cost: $200/each- Marking included free of charge and clipping (free) available upon request. Cost includes USPS Express 2-day shipping insured.

If you are interested in our available products or services, please call us 505/929-8080 or email us at or