SAVE the DATEs: 2014 North to South New Mexico Pollinator Benefit Lecture Series

sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Survivor Queen Bee Cooperative, NM Dept. of Agriculture & the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.

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All lectures $15/each and field practicums $45/each

t. seeley

2014 Sweet Spring Sting Seeley

  • May 3rd & 4th, 2014: Northern NM Sweet Spring Sting Pollinator Symposium
  • featuring: Dr. Thomas Seeley- renowned Conservation Biologist from Cornell University & author of Honeybee Democracy will be visiting NM.

Dr. Seeley will be speaking on Saturday, May 3rd in the Great Hall on the beautiful campus of St. John’s College (my alma mater!) and also on Sunday, May 4th on the equally gorgeous SMU-Taos campus on Hwy 518.

t.seeley hb democ

Also included on the agenda is a special screening of “The Art of Mayordomia” on acequia ancient water way traditions in northern NM. Dr. Seeley’s lecture will weave a tapestry of philosophic proportions on the integral connection of habitat to feral hives and how honeybees portray a collective “sixth sense” he terms Swarm Intelligence (SI)– utilizing democratic measures to come to a consensus; from individual to group decision making. SI is a phenomenon that also applies to other organisms including humans- wherever their is group decision making, there is SI.

Sunday’s presentation will include a guided nature walk by Dr. Seeley on the SMU-Taos campus through a riparian strip of the Rio Grande del Rancho stream as it makes its way down  the mountains.

There will be unique and pertinent information on pollinator stewardship issues and ways communities and their members can assist- It takes a community to raise bees!

Additional Guest Lecturers visiting this spring 2014:

Dr. Juliana Rangel-Posada copy

  • May 22-25, 2014: Dr. Juliana Posada- Rangel, President of the American Association of Professional Apiculturists & The American Bee Research Conference from Texas A&M. She will be sharing information on her queen honeybee research Friday, May 23, 2014 at the NMSU-Alcalde Sustainable Agriculture Research Farm & Center and on Sunday, May 25, 2014 at the Alamogordo Extension Office.



May 22- Queen Reproductivity and Health Research Lecture @ NMSU-Alcalde Sustainable Ag Science Center

May 23- Queen Reproductivity & Health Research Lecture @ ABQ Bio Park Education Center

May 24- Queen Rearing Field Practicum @ ZQB farm on the High Road to Taos in Truchas (space limited)

May 25- Queen Reproductivity & Health Research Lecture @ Alamogordo Extension Office

  • Dr. W. MangumJune 6-8, 2014: Dr. Wyatt Mangum, Top Bar Beekeeping Columnist for American Bee Journal, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Mary Washington, and author of “Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping: Wisdom and Pleasure Combined”.
  • Dr. Mangum will be speaking on Saturday, June 7th at Tapetes de Lana in Mora. Right across the street, Mora Valley Apiaries will be hosting a hands on workshop with Dr. Mangum after his lecture  on top bar management and queen rearing in top bars.

wmangum top bar book


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*Sponsored by The Rocky Mountain Survivor Queenbee Cooperative & The New Mexico Department of Agriculture.

The RMSQB Cooperative is an educational based service organization with the mission to promote Building Capacity and Research through Professional Development Opportunities, Rural Development & Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Beekeeping & Honeybee Stock Improvement Programs, Native & Alternative Pollinators & Apitherapy (medicinal use of bee products). All community members are invited and encouraged to participate in mindful pollinator stewardship. Que Viva  Las Abejas!