They do go fast! We are rather conservative in our bookings for starter nuclei in that we don’t want to overly stress our bees, ourselves and customers 🙂

So- We are closing the reservations list for starter nuclei orders. Once we get started with the season we can better determine if our bees can share more splits. If they can, we will! And we’ll post it on our blog and the area bee club listserves. This we won’t know until May.

However, we are taking reservations for mated queens with availability starting in mid June-September. $40 + shipping (marking included free of charge to help with tracking longevity!)

We will have virgin queenbees available starting latter half of April. $20/each + shipping

AND…we are willing to share some of our Breeding Companions this season and will know in April what we can share.

Thanks for your continued support….

We pray for more snow, a good spring and health for everyone!