We will be opening the reservations list for spring bees and queens on Jan. 21st.

Our pricing will remain the same as last year.


NUCS:  We will have fresh season Langstroth nucs and top bar nucs* beginning in late May-early June. We are sold out of our Early Season Overwintered Starter Nucleus Colonies.

QUEENS: We have limited availability of our Enchanted Empress Breeder Companion Queens (overwintered, tested survivor queens) starting in late March.

We will have fresh season production queens starting in late May.

To place a reservation, send us an email ziaqueenbees@hotmail.com or give us a call at Tel: 505/689-1287.

For pricing: https://ziaqueenbees.com/ZQBprices2012.pdf

*For those interested in top bar starter nucleus colonies, last year impacted our numbers and we have a wait list. We are not sure how many more our bees will be able to accomodate this season.

If open to it, we can modify a Langstroth nuc to fit your top bar by either cutting the frame in half or the cutting off the side angles and then screwing/tying on your own top bar. Then rotate out the starter bar-frames once the bees have begun to pull their own comb on your own bars. Mark is offering to modify frames for those interested.