We just started extracting spring honey from our valley and mountain and desert apiaries. With good rain, we are hopeful the bees will continue to make more and hopefully enough for a late summer/fall harvest, too. Our bees are so kind as to share with us, and we with you.

We have a few events lined up this summer. Starting Wednesday, July 25th, we’ll be at the Pojoaque Farmer’s Market which runs from noon to 6pm.

We’ll also be at the new Taos Trade Days on  Sundays right on Paseo del Pueblo across from Walgreen’s.

Our darling rep Resa will be with her and our wares at Las Golondrinas Lavendar Festival July28th & 29th from 10am to 4 pm.

On Aug 2nd, we’ll be at Jemez Feast Day- Booth 272 on Walatowa Ave on the north side. Freshly harvested honey, propolis tincture, salves and balms and other bee goodies will be on display and for sale.

August 4th, we’ll be joining Resa at Santa Domingo Feast Day.

We’ll add more events as we sign up for them.

Viva Las Abejas y