Spring is getting underway here in the northern Rio Grande Valleys with stone fruit orchards blooming. Up here at our home farm at 8300 feet we had fresh wet snow just last week. But dandelions are out and our apricot tree and currants are peaking with visits from several different native bees and butterflies.

Our first graft of the season from 2 different 2 year old breeders was conducted on April 16th- we will be placing these ripe cocoons into mating nucs this weekend.

This puts first round of fresh season nucs and queens ready for our review come latter half of May.

We have weekly batches of virgin queenbees available. They are installed same as mated queens into a queenless hive of bees. Virgins will mate out with your area drones. We recommend waiting minimum 3 weeks post installation before revising/disturbing.

We retrieved our overwintered nucs from downstate this past weekend- we took them down in February to begin to build up on desert poppey, mustard and fruit tree bloom. We lost a few more than we anticipated but will be making contact with those who have already placed reservations at the end of this week to begin scheduling pick ups.

I’ll get some photos uploaded shortly! The bloom is looking nice…..all we need is some more rain (or snow)!