We’ve already had snow twice here in Truchas and it isn’t even Halloween yet!

Despite predictions of another La Nina winter scenario- we are hoping for a better season in 2012 as this past 2011 season was a real doozy- weather wise.

Our bees are fairing well, good honey stores and strong populations going into fall and winter. Mark has been avidly constructing bear fencing lest we lose more hives to bears this season or next. Time consuming- but necessary as we don’t want to lose our beloved livestock to the drought, fires and bears- Oh My!

For those interested in making reservations for spring bees and queens, we will have updates on our website come December with 2012 pricing and timeline information.

We hesitate to take reservations before the end of January as we like to have a better idea on how our girls are overwintering. This being written, our norm has been to open the phone lines and begin to take phone and email reservations starting right after MLK weekend- January 22nd.

This coming season, we may end up waiting a little longer- until mid February before we begin to take reservations. We are routinely humbled by not only our bees, but Mother Nature. And while we make bets and risk our livelihoods on her manifestations, we are learning to be patient- and can only hope that our interested clients and customers will be patient as well. Good things cannot be rushed….no doubt.

If you are interested in making a reservation- we encourage you to contact us in late January.