Hello Bee Enthusiasts- spring is indeed finally here though we just had a most awful fruit blossom freeze throughout the northern NM valleys. Pretty sad since it was just starting off and it seemed as if the chilly spring weather was finally wrapping up.

Fortunately, we hesitated early rearing here in NM this season due to the past few springs’ volatile manifestations. Our first grafts for NM queens and nucs won’t be ready until latter half of May. We will begin checking them then and as they are ready, we will contact those with reservations (in the order in which the reservations were placed so as to be fair) to arrange for pick up and to share directions.

Mother Nature is ultimately the conductor and we must yield to her direction. Each season manifests itself differently- requiring us to be observant and patient. To rush the bee’s natural process of hive cycle reproduction results in the loss of quality – which is against our protocol- so we won’t go there. We and the bees appreciate everyone’s patience.

Come on Primavera- Bosque come alive!!!–MMK