We are officially out of queens for this 2010 season.  We appreciate everyone’s support and look to offer queens and starter nucleus colonies again in 2011!

Despite a chilly spring start- the summer season here in NM has been bountiful for the bees!  We are off to MI to visit our bees and family there. Looking forward to inducting new Great Lakes Sooper Yoopers this next spring. We’ll be home again come late September ready to sling spit (sell honey)!

For those interested in reserving 2011  Survivor Stock Queens or Starter Nucleus Colonies:

We officially open our reservations list right after Martin Luther King weekend- in late January. We await one month post winter solstice to begin taking reservations. Reason being that we are then able to assess how our girls are overwintering and to better guestimate how many splits we think they can accomodate come spring.

We have learned to be patient with our bees and to work on their clock- though we get quite anxious and excited as winter ends and spring begins.

Thanks to our customers for supporting our livelihood and our bees! We look forward to serving beekeepers near and far!