Our first rounds of packages and nucs are coming home! Package pick ups from the 1st batch will take place May 15th (after 10 am) and the 16th at the home farm on the High Road. Santa Fe drop spot pick up will take place evening of May 15th from 7-8 pm and in ABQ on the morning of May 16th from 7-8 am. We’re hoping to go through nucs and have them ready the same weekend but since we are making back to back trips to bring everything home safely and to pace ourselves, we’ll post an update on pick ups for those early next week.

ALSO! We are working with another of our NorCal collaborators on a 2nd batch of packages. Right now we are taking wait list reservations for those and will post timing information by early next week as well- we’ll see if we can also synchronize the timing to bring these home at the same time as batch 1. Visit our reservation form for more info.

It takes a community to raise bees!

Paz y Alma,