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2018 BEE Availability TBA mid Jan!!!

December 30th, 2017 by melanie

Winter Solstice has passed! And now the days will ever so slowly gain some momentum. Crazy enough, the weather in northern NM has been less than desirable…not much snow to speak of, which is rather scary given how much our Rio Grande and the farmers and communities rely on the snow melt in the Sangre de Cristos of the southern Rockies to replenish this grand water way and its acequias….and the fields, orchards, farms and forests.

So, at this time, I hesitate to announce anything until I get a better sense of how the weather is gonna affect my bees through this winter…..but I am strategizing my bee propagation plans and anticipate sharing queen cells from my prize breeding stock, a few batches of survivor stock starter nuclei, and a few batches of Breeder queens for queen producers and researchers.

My spring schedule has me mostly in WA state as I begin my field research¬† for my graduate degree at WSU…which by the way, WSU offers quality queen stock as well. Check out their website at www.bees.wsu.edu for more information. Their availability is limited and occurs late June-September.

But, I’ll be rearing some queens in NorCal (early spring 2018) and in NorNM this spring and summer.

And offering a few educational workshops. First one lined up will be in Cheyenne, WY for the WY Bee College.

For more info, visit:


Additionally, I’ll be offering a workshop (or 2) in NorCal as well. Check out www.wingsofnaturebees.com in the coming month for more info.

I’ll also be hosting a queen rearing workshop field day at ZQB in Truchas in May sometime. I’ll post updated info as soon as I lock in dates for my production, teaching and research schedule.

As it was last season, most of what my bees and I can offer will be limited and reserved for queen producers, researchers and community projects.

I do plan to offer some NorNM x NorCal survivor stock packages again this coming spring. I will post pricing and availabilty in mid January and I will begin taking reservations right after MLK day of remembrance.

This autumn, I moved two pallets worth (8 hives) of some of my prized breeding stock to cold storage in Idaho! This is very exciting as it means I don’t have to dig them out of snow (should NM get any- please!!!), and I’ll be able to begin rearing off them in NorCal after they plump up on coastal mountain forage. Here’s a few pics from the Idaho migration….

arriving with the load to SmartBee cold storage facility- Twin Falls, ID



transferring precious cargo to clip pallets


Securing labels, gotta keep tabs on my ladies!


Touchdown! Double pallet stacked and strapped to each other…




These Enchanted Empresses and Mountain Majesties will bee chill-axing until February. Then I’ll move them to the Bay Peninsula Preserve in the Santa Cruz coastal mountains to build up.¬† Then come late March, I’ll begin grafting for cell and nuc orders and then begin making some splits. Collaborations are crucial to share bees. I have learned to only work with the best to preserve quality. I thank by beekeeping associates in NorCal who share mating yards, forage and offer me mentorship. I’ll chronicle the event as it unfolds as best I can….

Until then- keep warm and HapBEE NEW YEAR!!!!

Que Viva Las Abejas Bellas!

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